Development Services

PCG offers a mix of strategic advisory, marketing and research services. These services may be used to assess and quantify one or more concepts you envision or you may have us identify, define and assess the concept(s). We bring varied and extensive know how and experiences to the table in each of these key development areas. Beyond this, the dimension of “outsider objectivity” cannot be overstated. This is especially important on engagements with established businesses where a limited range of experiences and subtle internal constraints can hamper outside-the-box creativity and risk taking.

Strategic Advice

STRATEGOS, the root word for strategic, means “the Art of Generals”. Creating and launching a new product or service is the most complex and risky task there is in the business world. A Founder must think like a General to understand the scope of the activities required and possess the tactical skills of a General to deploy and manage the resources to win the day. One of the most effective strategic tools we use as a guide when advising our client is the tried and true PCG Seven Ps of Marketing...

  • The Right Product

  • The Right Place(s)

  • The Right Price

  • The Right Promotion

  • The Right Positioning

  • The Right Persistence

  • The Right Prayer

  • Note: Prayer is Ongoing

OBVIOUSLY, each of the Ps should be objectively addressed and carefully thought out. This brings discipline to the marketing process… another skill of Generals.

We also use our PCG Framework for Product Development Checklist as a strategic tool. It is a schematic diagram that begins with Conceptualization and follows a stepwise process through Commercialization. Included in the process are the key points at which some form of market research should be used to corroborate that the CREATION is needed and desired by the end-user group(s). The premise being that if the CREATION does not resonate as expected in its current form, tweaks, changes, and/or a pivot may save the day.

Research Services

If there is anything that has been learned by start-ups, existing businesses and investor groups over the past decade, it is that “obvious winners” can quickly become losers and “obvious losers” can somehow become HUGE winners. So called “disruptive” unicorns like AIRBNB, UBER, and PAYPAL changed everything in their respective industries and wannabes abound. Today, it is a "horse race" where no one knows who the winners will be. Savvy investors bet measured amounts on multiple horses. They pick the ones they feel have the best riders, the best track record, the best pedigree or whatever criteria they feel are meaningful predictors of success.

Perhaps the most important criterium for predicting success is the fit that the product or service has with the end-users. This is commonly known as the product / market fit. Making this determination usually involves identifying the various user groups and selecting a sample or samples and exposing them to THE CREATION. At this point, the creation is typically in a less than perfect, prototype form but must be sufficiently functional to demonstrate its value. This is sometimes called the MVP... minimum viable product. The feedback is best gathered by an objective party in a way that does not impart bias into the results. PCG offers a complete array of skillfully orchestrated research services including Peachtree Live, Peachtree Online, mobile device surveys, and face-to-face interviewing.