Investor Message

PCG is happy to work with start-ups and going concerns who may present outstanding upside potential for investors. Additionally, PCG actually creates new companies from concept through commercialization that may offer exponential returns within 2-3 years.

Regardless of how brilliant a concept and Business Plan may be, investing in a "start-up" is a high-risk proposition. The quid pro quo being the expectation of extraordinary returns when success is achieved. Our intention is to develop an “investor community” consisting of qualified individuals, angels and venture groups who 'fall in love' with the concept we are developing. We intend to keep the minimum investment to a modest level while also keeping the maximum stake to a moderate level. PCG wants no one to lose sleep or have a financial worry about their investment. We want no investment funds from life savings, college funds, medical funds or 401Ks. Ideally, funds thoughtfully set aside for high-risk investments will be used by qualified individuals.

The best-case scenario is that, as an investor, you will enjoy being part of our investor community, take part in a unique learning adventure and reap a satisfying financial return on your investment. We will gladly provide a prospectus and guideline of our investment parameters. For more information on our investment opportunities, contact Mr. Greg L. Alford, our Senior Partner via email...