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Investor Value Proposition

Peachtree Consulting Group offers investors a three-phase value proposition. The first is to earn an exponential financial return; the second is to gain an exponential psychic return; the third is to enjoy an adventure in specialty coffee while doing it.

Investors consider the start-up phase in any company to be high risk, so high returns are expected. Financial returns are hugely important, but we want our investors to think beyond monetary rewards and consider the psychic rewards as well. Our goal is to create an investing community composed of individuals with a passion. Our investors will be exposed to opportunities. We do not seek investors who are content to be passengers; we're looking for crewmembers who want to have fun, learn, and be relevant, active participants.

Future Investment Privileges

Original investors will be given the opportunity to participate in our second round of fundraising. It is a more capital-intensive, large-scale concept with a noble purpose. More importantly, it fulfills an unmet need that we are the first to recognize. This will be a high profile launch with enormous upside sales potential. At present, the conceptual components of the marketing strategy are classified as top secret and will not be revealed until the time is right.

Capitalization Plan & Risks

Regardless of how brilliant any business plan may be, investing in a start-up company is a high-risk, high-reward proposition. This must be understood by each investor. Our plan is to develop an investor community to spread the risk. We will keep the minimum investment to a very modest level while also keeping the maximum stake to a moderate level. Peachtree Consulting Group wants no one to lose sleep or have a financial worry about their investment in our company. We want no investment funds from life savings, college funds, medical funds, or 401Ks.

The best-case scenario is that our original investors will enjoy active membership and take advantage of a unique learning adventure and reap an exponential financial return on investment. If this scenario appeals to you and you have funds set aside for high-risk investments, this opportunity is ideal for you.

If you have fun money or an entertainment fund to invest with us that is also perfect. For more information contact Mr. Greg Alford, our senior partner, for a prospectus and simple outline of our investment parameters and a list of perks.