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Peachtree Live!

Peachtree Live! research forums offer the best approach for, "up close and personal" evaluation. They work exceptionally well for head-to-head product comparisons and when there is a need to simulate the actual shopping experience. Here are the advantages:

Qualitative and Quantitative

The Peachtree Live! approach surpasses focus groups in three important ways:

  • Group sizes of 50 to 100 respondents provide better quantitative results.
  • Focus group digression and dominant personality influences are eliminated thus improving qualitative results.
  • Large, ballroom sized venues are available when needed to accommodate large products and simulate store shopping environments.

The business forum approach surpasses online research in qualitative results due to precision recruiting, skilled administration of questionnaires, and the fact that respondents can touch and interact with products. Clients are actually in the room during the evaluation process and can communicate with respondents. This is an added dimension that clients have found to be highly valuable.


The availability of large venues means any reasonable combination of presentation media (slides, videos, packaging, product prototypes, and competitive products) can be evaluated during a single session. Large products are easily accommodated.

Respondents may be recruited from the ranks of consumers or the trade. Clients may elect to interact with respondents, present products, or simply observe the action.


Accurate and projectable quantitative data are developed using precision nine-point scales of measurement. Fewer respondents are generally required to generate actionable and dependable information.

Respondents are fairly compensated for their thoughts and opinions. Thus the level of response is significantly higher than those for random consumer intercepts or online surveys. No detail is too small, and this often provides more in-depth insights into a respondent's reasoning processes.


Multiple location costs (typical of focus groups) and associated travel expenses are usually unnecessary. Past results have shown that proper recruiting from a single location can provide a representative geographic sample for the vast majority of research needs. When compared on a cost-per-minute basis, the live forum approach is less expensive per interview than focus groups.

Steps To Arrange For A Peachtree Live! Event

Request our color booklet with excerpts from live events and request a proposal by calling or emailing our office. A plan will be based on your specific needs, headcounts, and venue needs. Final decisions are yours.