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Peachtree Online

Peachtree Online offers a superior value proposition when compared to purist research, product design, and advertising firms. Our broad range of strategic and tactical marketing expertise allows us to structure content rich questionnaires which consistently yield results that exceed client expectations.

The Peachtree Advantage & Range of Expertise

  • Consumer Marketing Pedigree
  • Broad Range of Product Experiences
  • Product Development Expertise
  • Advanced Survey Design Skills
  • Coffee Industry Knowledge
  • Superior Reporting Format


We commonly use product photos, words, videos, and concept sketches to communicate questions, ideas, and concepts to respondents. This makes your survey more engaging and increases response accuracy.

After years of continuous improvement, we design online surveys that accomplish complex marketing, concept evaluation, brand positioning, and product development tasks not possible five years ago.


Peachtree Online marketing surveys are immediately actionable with a short-term (6-12 month) payback. Rapid payback occurs as our client uses the data and marketing insights the study provides, to make decisions which generate revenue and cost savings that exceed the cost of the survey.


Many activities and costs required to conduct live research events, such as focus groups, and consumer intercepts, are eliminated or reduced. This includes printing, travel, postage, incentives and most of all, time!

Our respondents are fairly compensated for completing your survey thoughtfully, and we can keep headcounts to just the number necessary to provide statistically valid data or confidence inspiring directional information.

Arrange for a Peachtree Online Event

Request our colored booklet with actual project excerpts. To clarify questions or ask about a proposal, call or email our office. Our suggestions and costs will be based upon your specific needs, headcounts, and length of the survey.